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Fuel savings due to optimazation of the centre of gravity

The aircraft's center of gravity (CG) has a significant influence on the safety and efficiency, which are determined to a large degree by keeping the CG position within the forward and aft limits. Improper loading reduces the aerodynamics efficiency of an aircraft, resulting in higher flight drag. 

Proper weighing is necessary in order to keep the CG position between limits. 

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Fuel efficiency depends on many criteria. One of the most important is weight: the more weight you add on an aircraft, the more fuel you need to fly it. The link between aircraft weight variations and fuel consumption is called the cost of weight. The cost of weight indicates the amount of fuel (in kg or lb) that is needed to transport a kilogram (or lb) of weight. It can be expressed as kg/kg or lb/lb or more often in %. The cost of weight is widely used to evaluate the impact that adding or removing weight has on fuel consumption.

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