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10 April 2021

TUI flight 1200 KG heavier then expected because of software error

LONDON - A software error last year caused a TUI Airways flight to weigh 1,200 kilograms heavier than expected during take-off. The reason: female passengers using the title "Miss" were classified as children. The British Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) speaks of a "serious incident".

2_Planes land

07 Octobre 2020

A balanced approach: How weight and loading are critical for takeoff

it was reported that the incorrect loading of a Prague-bound A321 out of London Luton Airport caused “takeoff issues” for the pilots. A last-minute change was made to the aircraft operating the service, from an A320 to a longer-bodied A321. However, the passenger seating was not changed, meaning that there were more people towards the front of the aircraft than the rear.


17 May 2019

'Weight and balance' errors caused deadly Cuba air crash

A plane crash that killed 112 people in Cuba a year ago was caused by an error by the crew in its calculation of the aircraft's weight and balance, a government investigation commission said.

"The most likely causes of the accident were the crew's actions and its mistakes in calculating the weight and balance, which led to the loss of control and collapse of the aircraft during takeoff," the commission said, according to a report by Cuba's Civil Aeronautics Institute.

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