Aircraft Weighing

image5Area of service

CH-Aero has been conducting aircraft weighing’s throughout Europe for many years. Currently we are active in over 18 countries throughout Europe and executing over 200 weighing’s per year.

Types of aircraft

Our staff and equipment can cope with all commercial aircraft, light aircraft, helicopters and any other (unknown) flying object. Our in-house designed and improved weighing system combines the high reliability and preciseness for the aviation industry with easy handling and usability. Due to their low weight transportable, either in our equipped vans or in special designed flight cases which have no cargo restrictions to be carried on regional aircraft.


As many of our team have an extensive background in aircraft maintenance we know what it takes to get an aircraft back on the line. Flexibility is our middle name in any form imaginable. By using our in-house developed low weight weighing system we are capable of offering rapid response custom tailored solutions. Some call this strength; we look at it as a normal day at the office.


We build our company to cope with these difficult manageable situations, meaning we can adapt to the last minute on moving targets. This demands a great deal of creative and pro-active solutions. The same problems we have experienced and learned from whilst working at our previous line maintenance carriers.

We work and live by the rule: “No is just a longer weigh to yes”