Weighing Equipment

image3Design criteria for the AW systems where set by professional Weight & Balance engineers, the conclusion of these sessions was to achieve goals such as:

  • Easy to handle
  • Light weight
  • Extremely reliable
  • Utilisation of the latest state of the art technology available on the market

The result is the Aviation Weight (AW) range of aircraft weighing scales Manufactured by AllScales Europe.

With an accuracy of 0,1% of the applied load across the operational range, it’s smart design, RVS IP68 loadcells and integrated electronics the AW serie is the most advanced aviation weighing system currently available.
The robust Aluminium body is cast aluminium compiled with vulcanised non slip rubber on the bottom to ensure solid contact with the hangar floor.
The major advantage of the AW design is the lack of moving parts inside the scale.
Making the scale immune for common problems the current systems endure, such as dirt and fluids ingress which might cause defects, blockages or leaks.
The AW scales are equipped with smart transport/positioning wheels, making sure that transporting, handling and preparing for the weighing can easily be done by one person without the risk of injuries due to lifting or overstretching when unloading or positioning the scales.

General Product Details

  • Large backlit display which automatically lights up when load is applied (Optional on AW-1)
  • Zero & Tare keys
  • Smart integrated wheels for easy handling and positioning (Only AW-2 /-3)
  • Strong one-piece cast housing
  • Internal battery powered for up to 40 hours of consecutive operation
  • Temperature compensation
  • Latitude/Altitude Correction
  • Optional wireless weighing module **
  • Optional integration software for data transfer to your MRO software


For more information please contact CH-Aero; global sales and support agent

The Aviation weight scales from ALLSCALES are equipped with the most advanced loadcells available on the market to meet the criteria as laid down by EASA in AMC1 CAT.POL.MAB.100(b)

AllScales Wireless weighing complies with the following EU Directives:
EU Directive Standards
1999/5/EU EN 60950-1/A11,
1999/519/EU EN 50371,
EN301489-3 version 1.4.1
EN 300220-2 version 2.1.1