imageThe last years have been full with challenges. CH-Aero is growing out to be a professional supplier of weight and balance services throughout Europe with a growing customer base varying from MRO’s, Airlines, Military, & Painting Facilities.

Information about our services and certification you can find here.

Next to the weighing services we are especially proud on the development of our own weighing equipment, in cooperation with a specialist in manufacturing weighing equipment for divers area’s in the industry AllScales Europe

Together we developed 3 types aircraft weighing scales

  • General Aviation/Business jets (max. 5 tons per platform)
  • Regional / Narrow body (max. 10 tons per platform)
  • Wide Body (max. 20 tons per platform)

image2Besides the engineering for our weighing equipment we also assemble special request tooling and/or ground support equipment. A good example you can see here.

Currently we are building a dealer network for the sales of our aircraft weighing equipment and special projects. We expect to have this network on strategic locations around the globe finalized beginning 2015. Suggestions or future dealers are more than welcome to contact us.


We have synchronized our procedures with a part-145 Aircraft Maintenance Company.
This way we can offer our weighing services to our clients in a part-145 controlled environment regarding the handling of our tooling and manpower and we will have overall an ISO certification. This will ensure to our customers that we operate under strict quality control regulations

I Hope to welcome you soon as one of our valued customers or as partner in our ambitious innovating company.

Coen Smit


Director CH-Aero